zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Dutch hardcore was always good and so this band Yawp!. In the early 90' s hardcore was at a low low point. Bands went metal / new wave or whatever. This is the first cd (excuses for hate) 14 songs , melodic but still powerfull.KANGAROO RECORDS--------------------YAWP !The dutch band (amsterdam) went into the studio for another CD (no more excuses) This time more power and you can hear the 80's sound in it. 12 songs and all are fast in your face hardcoreKANGARO RECORDS-------------------YAWP ! 7'' (the only god)This time a song about AJAX the soccerclub who won the C.L. in 1995. 4 songs and they are all fast. Typical 80's.And offcourse ajax = the only god = my fav. one.KANGAROO RECORDS. Still have them all for trade or sale

DEFACE 7'' s.t. This band rules !! Fast hardcore ala attitude adjustment/discharge. 4 songs on this classic 7'' 1995. Kevin reed (a.a./teenage warning , deathtoll) rules with his vocals again.(deep six records)---------------------DEFACE 7'' (government denies knowledge) Yesss another thriller 7''. Again its fast just like the other 7'' 4 songs again. This is a must !!!. (beer city records) Lost and found put out a cd with the 8 songs on it. Without asking the band . I still have a few for sale/trade (cd offcourse)

donderdag 10 maart 2011

MULE 7'' (apartment 3g) Only 6 made . Its without the spoken word. Dean won a acdc record by the phone.Anyway always fun to have i think.-----------------------MULE 2X 7'' (apartment 3 g ) DOUBLE WHOOSHER. As MULE was one of my fav. bands back then i really want them on my label (kangaroo records)So they did a 2x 7'' / mcd 7 songs and they turned out super !! Hardcore / melodic but still fast . (kangaroo records)---------------------MULE 2X 7'' (apartment 3 g) DOUBLE WHOOSHER. See here the other sleeve. Dont know why i did it.------------------MULE 2X7'' (apartment 3g) testpressing.KANGAROO RECORDS has still the 2x 7'' / mcd (double whoosher) for sale or trade

MULE 7'' 2 cover songs and to be honest i dont like them to.GERMS and KNAVES. (highly collectable records)After this 7' they got in trouble by a band with the same name MULE , the second. Its was a pretty boring rock band anyway but they had to change their name !! And they did APARTMENT 3 G, was their brand new name.--------------------------- The first release was a split release with NERVOUS CHRISTIANS. Also a pretty boring band to be honest. But the song neurotic girlfriend of apt.3g rules as fuck. Not wild hardcore but more punk/hardcore.(cravedog records) A killer song.---------------------The next 7'' = MULE (apartment 3 g) - commits commercial suicide. Great hardcore again 3 songs and the classic hardcore way again. I think it came out in 6 different color vinyl. As you see i put everywhere the sticker mule on it cuz for me its still MULE (highly collectable records)

From the 90's MULE !!! (portland) ex poison idea members: dean johnson and chris tense. The first 7'' "machine gun idiot,, has 4 songs. Melodic but still got that 80's sound in it. Fast and tight to. I think there are two pressings of 500. The first = clear vinyl and the other blue vinyl(BROWNER RECORDS)------------------------Another 7'' they did was MULE 7'' (uncle fuck) Great fast song !! The other side = a cover . Its on white vinyl and i think only 1000(BROWNER RECORDS)

dinsdag 8 maart 2011

AGENT ORANGE , LP , (living in the darkness.) If you like surfpunk/hardcore then this is your stuff !! Great melodic surfstuff. They put also the 12'' on this fanclub release. Great !! ------------CRUCIFIX ,LP , (dehumanization) This is THE album of crucifix. Fast in your face hardcore. The voice all the stuff is great. Fanclub---------------WILLFUL NEGLECT LP , (both 12'' on one lp) Yesss finally back on vinyl !! And on one lp to Super. Anyway this music is fast straightforward hardcore . Buy buy buy !! HAVOC / HOHNIE RECORDS !!

SOCIALCIDE TAPE. Hardcore loud and fast like the way it should be. Lucky the tape went on vinyl. EVEN WORSE RECORDS did a great job with this 7''Its fast in your face hardcore. Typical 80's sound. Classic!!-----------SOCIALCIDE 7'' (burn in hell bundy)Another great 7'' of SOCIALCIDE. This time on EVEN WORSE AND KANGAROO RECORDS. I don't think this one is better then the first one but still the 80's sound is in there. Perhaps to 80's.---------------------SOCIALCIDE , lp (unapproachable)Oeff this brings back again to the first 7'' Fast 80's hardcore. Wild and raging fast . A pure classic one here.(EVEN WORSE / KANGAROO RECORDS)

GERMS , lp. Great fanclub release here. The lp and the 12'' in one lp. CLASSIC .Sound good so get it !!------------------NEGATIVE APPROACH LP , pressure. Do i need words for this band? Side a is the tied down lp and the b-side is live 24/6/84