dinsdag 1 maart 2011

CARDIAC ARREST 7'' (st) The first picture was the first 7'' only 300 were made. Kangaroo ask for a repress and they ask to do also a new one. No problem so kangaroo did do both 7'' but....the people make a mistake with the sleeve.(not the band) Anyway see it as a kangaroo style.Lets talk about the music.Both are raging hardcore like boston 1982/83. Fast and furious. The first 7'' is for me THE killer a 10. The second a bit less but still 8.5.

KANGAROO RECORDS: WORLD WAR 24 , lp/cd , ( no luck) After more then...

KANGAROO RECORDS: WORLD WAR 24 , lp/cd , ( no luck) After more then...

WORLD WAR 24 , lp/cd , ( no luck) After more then 10 years finally another lp/cd. Again its wild and fast . My fav. = no luck. 9 songs only but ... they kick ass. And this time its NOT sold out. Trade would be cool to.KANGAROO RECORDS

WORLD WAR 24, s.t. lp , 16 hardcore songs here. Including the songs of the 7''Its fast and wild hardcore . Sometimes it remind me of the dead kennedys but they have their own style . Kick ass lp.This one came out in 1985 on ABERRANT RECORDS '

WORLD WAR 24 , (azaria) 7'' 4 songs from the early 80's and they sound great.This band is from australia(sydney) Its typical 80's sound Fast wild and raw.

BAD INFLUENCE 7'' (war's no fun , demo 1983) YESSS 8 songs from another 80's cassette. Hardcore like the way we like it.All songs are great again . I would say A MUST . I see many colors of sleeves so .. grrr. I will do my best !!Same story again 300 made total and 50 with special ltd. sleeve as you see.WHO CARES RECORDS . I think its sold out to . Looking forward to the new stuff.

TEENAGE WARNING 7'' (thoughts of war ,demo 1983) 10 songs of raging fast hardcore here . Old skool hardcore . Finally its out on a 7''. Its about time !!All the songs are killers . If you love the 80's then you love this . KEVIN REED is doing the vocals already on this one. Also he sings in bands like ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT AND DEATHTOLL. Offcourse on WHO CARES RECORDS!!! 300 MADE and 50 special like always . CLASSIC. I think its sold out already

maandag 28 februari 2011

HRT (confrontation) 7''One sided again and 7 songs of great hardcore.If you can get the 7'' then you are a happy man just like me . Total hardcore here . A must. WHO CARES RECORDS.Again 300 and again 50 with a special ltd. edition.

LINDA BLAIRS ABORTION 7''(won't stay dead)Wow another great release by WHO CARES RECORDS. Fast and wild , furious hardcore again. 300 only and 50 with a special sleeve. Looks great again

FRAT BOYS 7'' (demo 07) One sided again and is a killer 7'' Hardcore like the way hardcore should be . Fast and furious. Hopefully the band will do more then this. Super release !! As you see 300 only and again 50 in a special lim. edition. Lucky me again

WHO CARES RECORDS !!!! NEW LABEL !!!A great label here cuz i got their stuff from trades with ali. I have to say that guy rules !! He brings out awesome records !! Its loud and fast just the way i like it a lot !!Their first release was EYE GOUGE(australia). Fast , raw hardcore. If you know A.V.O. (australia) then you know what to get.His brother played in A.V.O.To bad it is one sided cuz i want more !!! 300 made only as you see and 50 in lim. edition. Lucky i was fast cuz its sold out already.