zaterdag 26 februari 2011

OUTCOLD. 7'' (planned accidents) 5 songs !!Still great .This time again on ACME records(john's label the drummer from outcold)Its a typical outcold record. Fast in your face hardcore . Classic like always.

OUTCOLD. / BILL BONDSMEN 7'' Outcold crash out with another 3 raging hardcore songs. Hardcore at top. The other band is not my thing.Its on schizophrenic records so hopefully its not sold out.

OUTCOLD./PSYCHO 7'' This 7'' kills to . Both bands are great. Straightforward hardcore. The sleeve of outcold is really sick !! What a sleeve. Again boring to say its SOLD OUT

OUTCOLD. / FOR THE WORSE 7'' Yess another great split release. 2 great boston bands that blow your socks away. Dirty raw and fast hardcore here. The sound is the typical 80's . Offcourse we still have some left. Check out his page (even worse records) he has some classic bands to check out.

OUTCOLD. / NO SIDE 7'' Both bands do 3 songs and both bands rule !! Fast straight forward hardcore like the 80's.Its on 2 labels. ACME RECORDS in the states and DEVOUR in japan. I think you still can get this one. Try anyway. The sleeves are the same.

OUTCOLD. / BRATSIDE 7'' Both bands are great ! Straight forward hardcore .Sold out to

OUTCOLD.(no eye contact) 7'' Oeff Raging fast hardcore here. My fav = from bad to worse song.6 songs here . Make two sleeves .Why ?? don't know . Perhaps somebody send me that sleeve. Anyway i found a box with some outcold records when i moved out of amsterdam . So i have some left now.This 7'' was in two sessions. They put it together for the first !! EUROTOUR in 1998

vrijdag 25 februari 2011

OUTCOLD. 7'' (lost cause)The first 7'' by outcold with mark on bass and kevin on vocals. 6 songs and all of them are great and fast. Fuckhead = my fav. one. This one came out in 1994.And yess this one is sold out to .

V.A. blunt music 7'' The most bands i don't care that much but outcold. was pretty good in this one. I think this is the first rec. on a 7'' or something. Anyway its nice to have this compl. 7''

OUTCOLD. / VOORHEES LP/CD , Great split 12'' Both bands play fast in your face hardcore.Finally a good split cuz the most bands have shit splits.To bad its sold out already . Look for the cd.Also i put down the shirts i still have left . Not many anymore cuz i used almost all of them.Its for fat people anyway like me cuz it has size xxl. I don't know why i did so many xxl but i blame it to the beer. The kangaroo logo is on the arm to. It's for those who hate kangaroo records

OUTCOLD. (goodbye cruel world) lp/cd. Pffff painfull this name for the album . Also the song ,, total human monster,,Well its a album that kicks ass from the start to the end. Fast in your face hardcore. A must to have. Wel to be honest all the albums are thrillers . This lp came out in the states at MAD AT THE WORLD RECORDS. Kick ass guy to and love to trade. check his stuff to.I know mark wrote a lot of songs. So hopefully a new lp/cd one day. I think they got about more then 28/30 songs. Ask john from ACME RECORDS and drummer of OUTCOLD.

OUTCOLD. (WILL ATTACK IF PROVOKED) lp/ cd ,2001, 14 raging songs and a bit different sound again. Still the hardcore offcourse. Control freak is my fav one.and yess the lp and cd kangaroo still has in the store. Hardcore at his best again!!!

OUTCOLD. LP/CD (TWO BROKEN HEARTS ARE BETTER THAN ONE) 14 songs !! 1999.Again raw and fast and loud. Outcold = outcold.The sound is dirty again.The voice of mark rules again.If you love hardcore then you love outcoldTill in store of kangaroo lp and cd. Or download it from a blogspot !!

OUTCOLD. lp/cd (warped sense of right and wrong) 13 songs this time . 1996. Another thriller album by the kings of hardcore. Fast and raw and a bit different sound but still fast and raw.Even bill close(the freeze) played a song. Kangaroo has both still in store lp and the cd

OUTCOLD. LP/CD (permanent twilight world) 1995. Mark went to vocals and this album tells why. 14 songs of intense hardcore like the old days.All the songs are under the 2 min.Classic hardcore !!Still some left on CD only

woensdag 23 februari 2011

KANGAROO RECORDS: TOE TO TOE clothes. Still got some sweaters left j...

KANGAROO RECORDS: TOE TO TOE clothes. Still got some sweaters left j...

V.A. (co - operation not competition) 2 labels work together like the way it should be. Great bands are on it.There is also some copies with a mispress. One band was not on it so everything had to go back.Lucky some fall off he he .Its on black vinyl and on blue vinyl.Sold out to.Kangaroo/wicked witch records.Offcourse the music is fast and loud !!Artwork = done by roel(the greatest)

TOE TO TOE 7'' (force and fuck seattle) testpressings. Kangaroo records. Both kicks ass records.

TOE TO TOE 7'' (slap of reality) testpressing. Got this one from sean. Raw as fuck. The old toe to toe rules !!

TOE TO TOE 7'' (live 1993 election day) 6 Fast songs and the sound is pretty ok..Only 100 made.Classic hardcore .Offcourse sold out