donderdag 11 juni 2015

the domesticks

THE DOMESTICKS  LP , CD   routine and ritual . Yess this is the shit !!!  14 songs of raw dirty , fast hardcore !! if you love 80 s hardcore or outcold then this is your stuff. No time for the weak. Starts out with a great intro then full speed ahead !! its over before you know it. they working on a new 7¨and i can not wait. Have to go to the uk too see them. tns records , kibou records

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

CAUSTIC DEFIANCE 7¨ ST. Finally on vinyl the demo tape from 1983 !!!!  The split cd came out in 2008 with NEGATIVE ELEMENT
This 7¨came out in 2014 , only 500 made . Just like the old times!! The music is fucked up raw and loud. If you are into old agnostic front , antidote , abused , ydi ,  then this is another must in your collection. 12 songs of total anger , fast as fuck hardcore. No emo shit or any other shit called progress
Below is the testpressing . 25 made 
SPLIT RELEASE LABEL : KANGAROO RECORDS : NO WAY BACK WHEN RECORDS. Trade is always welcome but fast hardcore only