zondag 10 november 2013

NO LABELS 7¨ ¨jayne doe ,,,,,demo tape , 1983. This is the same sessions as the one sided lp. 100 made and 75 no labels sleeve and 25 horror sleeve. The sound is awesome brutal fast in your face hardcore ! Insert also. This is great so try to get it. The best song for me is the song HARDCORE

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

OUTCOLD. LP - a heated display

YESSS finally i have it on lp. Offcourse the music is the same as the cd but ...... vinyl rules !! Glad its out on cd and lp now. Did trade a lot so you can order it from kangaroo records. But the label who did it : hjernespind records ! check out their mailorder etc.. great guy too. The music is fast in your face just like all their other stuff. TOTAL MUST and only 300. So buy now or cry laters !!!

donderdag 4 juli 2013


FINAL CONFLICT 1985 , DEMO !! ohhhh yess the is the shit !! You like raw in your face old skool hardcore ? 80;s style ? Loud as fuck ?? This is the shit then . What a great lp. From the start till the end it sounds awesome. This is the best release they did for sure. This is the gatefold sleeve and only 200 made. Soon the ,, normal,, sleeve Go to : http:/finalconflict.bigcartel.com/contact You can buy more things from them . Awesome t/shirts !! Below is the testpressing and only 12 were made but the music is still the same:: FAST . A total must for sure. THANKS A LOT RON !!

dinsdag 18 juni 2013

DESTRUCTIVE NEW AGE 7'' demo. Holy fuk yess !! 6 fast in your face songs. This is their second release and a killer . If you love that typical 80's sound then this is it. No time to waste. 500 only this time. Raw and fast- love it !! ( KANGAROO RECORDS - WAY BACK WHEN RECORDS) Trades aways welcom but... hardcore only. No pop/ska /metal or any of that weak shit

woensdag 15 mei 2013

OUTCOLD. CD !!! A heated display. (dedicated to the memory of mark sheehan) Yess 14 great typical outcold songs. Mark is on guitar . Those rec. are done years ago offcourse. Kevin mertens did sing in year(s) later . Amazing hardcore here again. Fast in your face hardcore !!Tho only band who did ONLY great releases. Amazing amazing. This cd is on a russian label called DRUNK WITH POWER RECORDS. The lp will come later. I will you keep updated with that. Anyway buy this cuz... great as fuk

donderdag 18 april 2013

NO LABELS 12'' one sided !!!!! (jayne doe - tape)yesss can not believe this . Info about the band / foto's and a great hardcore ( fast) version of the 1983 demo jayne doe - tape. Missing some songs ( 2) but this is a great version. All the songs are stick together . The sound is typical demo sound . This is a must for sure. Love it . ohh 180 gram vinyl too. And only 100 copies (reagan era)

zaterdag 30 maart 2013


DESTRUCTIVE NEW AGE 7'' demo. They did already a 7''s.t. last year 2012. You can download it somewhere on the net. The band has also a blogspot !!. www.dnahcp.blogspot.fr The music is like the way it should be : Fast in your face hardcore. Mix poison idea / dri / negative approach and you got DESTRUCTIVE NEW AGE. This 7'' got 6 songs and all are fast as fxxk. Split release with WAY BACK WHEN RECORDS. The 7'' should be out soon and only 500. Trades are welcom like always but... fast.No metalshit or any of that other crap

maandag 11 maart 2013

GREEN BERET 12'' , violence is their currency. 10 songs !! Full speed / hardcore ahead. Raw as fuck/ tight as hell. All their songs are a blast. If you are into the old skool style hardcore then this is your MUST. Dont know how many but.. hurry up i would say. AWESOME RECORD!

zaterdag 19 januari 2013

LITTLE MISS AND THE NO-NAMES 7'' yesss 6 raging songs ala lewd style !! fast hardcore/punk. The voice/screaming will kill you !! 6 songs ala style 1982. Classic !! 100 cloth/silk -screened cover / hand numb. and BLACK VINYL ( i love black vinyl) The rest has a lot of col. vinyl as you see. buy now i would say !!(HEADBONES RECORDS)