donderdag 10 maart 2011

MULE 7'' 2 cover songs and to be honest i dont like them to.GERMS and KNAVES. (highly collectable records)After this 7' they got in trouble by a band with the same name MULE , the second. Its was a pretty boring rock band anyway but they had to change their name !! And they did APARTMENT 3 G, was their brand new name.--------------------------- The first release was a split release with NERVOUS CHRISTIANS. Also a pretty boring band to be honest. But the song neurotic girlfriend of apt.3g rules as fuck. Not wild hardcore but more punk/hardcore.(cravedog records) A killer song.---------------------The next 7'' = MULE (apartment 3 g) - commits commercial suicide. Great hardcore again 3 songs and the classic hardcore way again. I think it came out in 6 different color vinyl. As you see i put everywhere the sticker mule on it cuz for me its still MULE (highly collectable records)

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