dinsdag 8 maart 2011

SOCIALCIDE TAPE. Hardcore loud and fast like the way it should be. Lucky the tape went on vinyl. EVEN WORSE RECORDS did a great job with this 7''Its fast in your face hardcore. Typical 80's sound. Classic!!-----------SOCIALCIDE 7'' (burn in hell bundy)Another great 7'' of SOCIALCIDE. This time on EVEN WORSE AND KANGAROO RECORDS. I don't think this one is better then the first one but still the 80's sound is in there. Perhaps to 80's.---------------------SOCIALCIDE , lp (unapproachable)Oeff this brings back again to the first 7'' Fast 80's hardcore. Wild and raging fast . A pure classic one here.(EVEN WORSE / KANGAROO RECORDS)

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