zondag 6 maart 2011

KORO 7'' (700 club) fanclub release. Great fanclub release. It came out before the repress.Fast and tight /wild hardcore. A must!!!---------OFFENDERS 7'' ( We must rebel) This came out as a 12'' in the early 80's.Now as a 7'' fanclub release. Killer hardcore !!! fast wild/ and raging. Another must !! ---------------NEON CHRIST 7'' (parental suppression) Again wild / tight fast hardcore from the 80's. There is a repress fanclub out now and it has the same sleeve as the org. 7'' So think before paying big$$$-------------THE WORST 7'' (expect the worst)This one came out also in the 80's as a 12''. This is the 7'' Yess also this is a must. Straightforward hardcore fast and tight. My fav. on this one = : i wanna stop,,All these fanclub releases are on a ""label,, reagan era hardcore

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