zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Dutch hardcore was always good and so this band Yawp!. In the early 90' s hardcore was at a low low point. Bands went metal / new wave or whatever. This is the first cd (excuses for hate) 14 songs , melodic but still powerfull.KANGAROO RECORDS--------------------YAWP !The dutch band (amsterdam) went into the studio for another CD (no more excuses) This time more power and you can hear the 80's sound in it. 12 songs and all are fast in your face hardcoreKANGARO RECORDS-------------------YAWP ! 7'' (the only god)This time a song about AJAX the soccerclub who won the C.L. in 1995. 4 songs and they are all fast. Typical 80's.And offcourse ajax = the only god = my fav. one.KANGAROO RECORDS. Still have them all for trade or sale

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