donderdag 10 maart 2011

MULE 7'' (apartment 3g) Only 6 made . Its without the spoken word. Dean won a acdc record by the phone.Anyway always fun to have i think.-----------------------MULE 2X 7'' (apartment 3 g ) DOUBLE WHOOSHER. As MULE was one of my fav. bands back then i really want them on my label (kangaroo records)So they did a 2x 7'' / mcd 7 songs and they turned out super !! Hardcore / melodic but still fast . (kangaroo records)---------------------MULE 2X 7'' (apartment 3 g) DOUBLE WHOOSHER. See here the other sleeve. Dont know why i did it.------------------MULE 2X7'' (apartment 3g) testpressing.KANGAROO RECORDS has still the 2x 7'' / mcd (double whoosher) for sale or trade

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