zondag 20 maart 2011

RAT BASTARDS 7'' S.T.The bastards went faster and way louder. More in the way of nipponcore. Lucky for kangaroo records pat went to amsterdam. Offcourse kangaroo knows the band but this was/is a nice suprise.Right away kangaroo did the 2 7''This should be the testpressing but i can still not find it. Anyway some sleeves were fucked so i use this one then.----------------------RAT BASTARDS 7'' (subvert and deny) Oefff yess another thriller of a 7' . Wild tight hardcore and offcourse fast !!! RAT BASTARDS rule. If you are into fast old style then this is your shit just like all the stuff of RAT BASTARDS.Kangaroo records has still both 7'' for trade or $$$$$.The other sleeve should be a testpressing to but ... no luck yet to find it .

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