vrijdag 25 maart 2011

DEATHTOLL 7'' (sea of blood) Hell yeahh !! Discharge/ d-beat and nipponcore. And offcourse their own DEATHTOLL sound. Wild and fast hardcore like the 80's .A MUST !!!! (kangaroo records)-----------------DEATHTOLL 7'' (sea of blood) This is just a promo copy for radiostations cuz i was running out of sleeves.---------------------DEATHTOLL/BLOWN TO BITS LP/CD. I dont know with blown to bits , its just not my band. Deathtoll yess !! They do it again . This is fast in your face hardcore like the way it should be. Bastard police = my fav. here. Great band!!! The lp = also on col. vinyl Anyway classic(despotic / yellow dogs records)I still have both 7'' and the lp

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