zaterdag 26 maart 2011

THE IMPOSTERS CD (only) crimes.This is the demo. 16 songs of raw/wild skatecore .They have the typical old 80's sound. classic !!(secret records)2006-----------------THE IMPOSTERS 7'' (pool maintenance)2008 - 8 new !! songs and they kill all of them. Hardcore like the old days . Fast tight and raging. I love it it. CLASSIC AGAIN. SECRET RECORDS--------------THE IMPOSTERS 7'' (pool maintenance) This is a lim. edition. 30 of it and full color. To bad secret records are no longer and to bad THE IMPOSTERS playing surf music. I bought the lp blind and ....... one song was ok. I will not post it. I still have for trade the 7'' and even the lp i have for trade

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