zaterdag 19 maart 2011

RAT BASTARDS 7'' ( all that was left after) 1995. Great hardcore / punk here . Well to be honest all their stuff is good. 6 songs on beer city records ( sold out )Its fast so dont worry at al.This one is with another singer nicko --------------RAT BASTARDS / DEAD DRUNK 7'' Yess great split release here. 2 bands and..... both are great !! Both do 3 songs and all 6 are great. The sleeve rules !!(WILL E SURVIVE RECORDS) 1995 -------------------------RAT BASTARDS 7'' (contaminated minds) 5 songs (1996) and again they are fast straightforward hardcore . CLASSIC!!! (will e .survive records) sold out to.----------------RAT BASTARDS , CD , only ( perpetual disorder) Yess a whole fucking cd with loud / fast hardcore 18 songs and they all rule. For those who dont know RAT BASTARDS !!! check it out. I can not believe this one = sold out. .

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