maandag 14 maart 2011

Dutch hardcore again. This time from tilburg, and yesss they are fast as fuck. MILKMAN , CD (only) combover world 15 songs ala OLD d.r.i. / poison idea . So what can go wrong i would say. Total typical 80's fast hardcore. SOLD OUT. Try the band !!-----------------------MILKMAN CD (only) fresh fruit for rotten aliens. The sleeve is funny but... nodody likes it. Also the intro is cool. Aliens are coming. Anyway its the typical dri , p.i. style of music . Classic again .----------------------MILKMAN LP / CD. Because of the aliens sleeve which was not punk enough they did make a d.i.y. sleeve. IS THIS PUNK ENOUGH FOR YOU ? I must say this lp is a killer from the beginning till the end. Fast / wild and raw. What a band. KANGAROO RECORDS, We have still the lp and the cd--------------------MILKMAN , CD (only) NOSTALIGATOR, 23 songs in 28 min. Old dri and still going fast as fuck ,Another great typical 80's album . classic . I still have 30 of them . (shield recordings)

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