maandag 24 december 2012

UNIDENTIFIED DRUNKEN INJURY , one sided LP , 14 songs !! This could be a MUTHA - BAND. Nobody's knows about them but the music is raw / fast typical 80's hardcore.Even the sleeve looks typical 80's
300 made only !! They broke up already so you have to hurry for this piece of gold hardcore. CLASSIC HARDCORE , A MUST !!!! ( spider cuddler records)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I know who these guys are, they are from Michigan.
    This was actually released as a Demo in 2009, later released on vinyl. This band has Daniel, the original drummer from Texas's Reason of Insanity in it. Cross between the Big Boys and Articles of Faith, but a little faster. Really solid band, very good musicians, very good recording !!!!! U.D.I. rules !!!!! But I believe this is their only release and/or recording.

    1. yeahh i trade 7 copies of the lp with the singer. he has a new band now. i fucking love this lp. So good !!