zondag 23 oktober 2011

CUT THE SHIT , tape. 5 songs only but if you love fast in your face hardcore then this is a must !! Not for the emo freak etc... .Just fast old skool hardcore. 2 songs are still unrl. or are they on a cd ?? CLASSIC !!------------------------------CUT THE SHIT 7'' (one sided) On their own label i think and again fast as fuck. All the songs are stick together like the way it should be . A train is coming !!!!(bored to death - fear)----------------------------------CUT THE SHIT 7'' bored to death (gloom records) 10 songs !!!Play it many times perhaps to much ?? no offcourse not !! If you are into fast in your face hardcore like: outcold / citizens patrol/milkman/direct control etc.. then you will love this stuff.Offcourse its sold out but i think you will get it cheap on e/bay. yep hardcore RULES

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