dinsdag 19 april 2011

SQUARE THE CIRCLE 7'' , s.t. From japan, tokyo. Nippon-core at his best . If you like the typical japan-core style then this is your stuff. fast , wild , tight and raging. 6 songs. (KANGAROO RECORDS) Love to trade or $$-----------------SQUARE THE CIRCLE 7'' , s.t. testpressing------------------SQUARE THE CIRCLE 7'' , I am so bored , Another 6 songs but ... to be honest this 7'' is a bit better then the kangaroo one.Fast wild and raging fast , still the typical nippon-core and sometimes you can hear the d.s.b. sound in it. CLASSIC!! (CREW FOR LIFE RECORDS) Still have a couple for trade or $$. Both are classic anyway !!

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