woensdag 30 maart 2011

BLITZ BABIEZ 7''(time's ticking) 1993 , Australia , sydney.First 7'' Melodic hardcore ala ramones / naked aggression / the gits. Joanne has great vocals here sometimes wild fucked up sometimes relax. To bad only 3 songs. GREAT 7''(NO DEAL RECORDS-sean ex toe to toe / a.v.o.)------------------BLITZ BABIEZ CD (only) On the line . 15 songs !! And again its classic. Melodic but still have that power !! Jo 's vocals are again classic here(1994)Spent records)------------------BLITZ BABIEZ 7'' (try hard ) Great new song. The other side has 3 live songs from SNEEK (holland) Good sound too.I think only 500. (derek records) Thanx for the great tours in europe

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