dinsdag 8 maart 2016

THE DOMESTICS  7¨ testpressing  , brutal regimes . After their classic lp:cd it was about time to do another legend one .  Kibou and kangaroo were the lucky ones and the result kicks ass . brutal in your face hardcore . For sure not for the weak , 6 songs thats over before you know it. This is the testpressing. 500 made so curry up

donderdag 11 juni 2015

the domesticks

THE DOMESTICKS  LP , CD   routine and ritual . Yess this is the shit !!!  14 songs of raw dirty , fast hardcore !! if you love 80 s hardcore or outcold then this is your stuff. No time for the weak. Starts out with a great intro then full speed ahead !! its over before you know it. they working on a new 7¨and i can not wait. Have to go to the uk too see them. tns records , kibou records

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

CAUSTIC DEFIANCE 7¨ ST. Finally on vinyl the demo tape from 1983 !!!!  The split cd came out in 2008 with NEGATIVE ELEMENT
This 7¨came out in 2014 , only 500 made . Just like the old times!! The music is fucked up raw and loud. If you are into old agnostic front , antidote , abused , ydi ,  then this is another must in your collection. 12 songs of total anger , fast as fuck hardcore. No emo shit or any other shit called progress
Below is the testpressing . 25 made 
SPLIT RELEASE LABEL : KANGAROO RECORDS : NO WAY BACK WHEN RECORDS. Trade is always welcome but fast hardcore only

zondag 20 april 2014

DIRECT ACTION LP - demo 1984

YESSSSS FINALLY the real demo on vinyl !!!!! fucking love it !! The sound is good to great. Think its their first demo ever. This demo sounds like a bulldozer / wall of noise !! 15 songs total, two different sleeves. Think 1 or 2 songs are missing on this vinyl. Have to look at my cassettes again. 100 made total ( reagan era )

zondag 10 november 2013

NO LABELS 7¨ ¨jayne doe ,,,,,demo tape , 1983. This is the same sessions as the one sided lp. 100 made and 75 no labels sleeve and 25 horror sleeve. The sound is awesome brutal fast in your face hardcore ! Insert also. This is great so try to get it. The best song for me is the song HARDCORE

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

OUTCOLD. LP - a heated display

YESSS finally i have it on lp. Offcourse the music is the same as the cd but ...... vinyl rules !! Glad its out on cd and lp now. Did trade a lot so you can order it from kangaroo records. But the label who did it : hjernespind records ! check out their mailorder etc.. great guy too. The music is fast in your face just like all their other stuff. TOTAL MUST and only 300. So buy now or cry laters !!!

donderdag 4 juli 2013


FINAL CONFLICT 1985 , DEMO !! ohhhh yess the is the shit !! You like raw in your face old skool hardcore ? 80;s style ? Loud as fuck ?? This is the shit then . What a great lp. From the start till the end it sounds awesome. This is the best release they did for sure. This is the gatefold sleeve and only 200 made. Soon the ,, normal,, sleeve Go to : http:/finalconflict.bigcartel.com/contact You can buy more things from them . Awesome t/shirts !! Below is the testpressing and only 12 were made but the music is still the same:: FAST . A total must for sure. THANKS A LOT RON !!